star in the life you love.



building roadmaps, changing lives  |  November 8, 2018

Imagine receiving a devastating multiple sclerosis diagnosis just as your adult life is starting to take shape. What would you do — fall into a pit of despair, or or figure out how you’re going to make the best of a bad situation?

That was the stark reality facing REALTOR Tami Halton Pardee 17 years ago, just as she was entering her 30s. She opted to make the best of it; the uncertainty associated with MS jolted her into reassessing what she truly wanted in life.

“I really wanted to star in the life I loved,” says Halton Pardee, “because I didn’t know how long I would be mobile and capable of doing that… I wanted to make every minute count.”
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Congrats to Tami + Thanks to
Venice Arts  |  November 8, 2018

This last Saturday, November 3rd, the Halton Pardee family attended Venice Arts’ 25th Annual Gala and had an incredible and impactful evening. As a sponsor and long-time supporter of Venice Arts, we were inspired to see the amazing work Venice Arts continues to do and we were honored to celebrate the creative and brilliant youth the organization serves. read more

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Tami Halton Pardee’s vision:
homes for all

los angeles times  |  September 14, 2018

“There’s a lot of excess,” Pardee said of Los Angeles’ blistering real estate market, which parallels a crushing affordable-housing crisis. “We’re all making a lot of money on real estate. We need to do more.”

For Pardee, “more” means working in the trenches. In 2017, she founded the nonprofit foundation Life Change Warriors, a six-week program that helps homeless and disadvantaged participants map out brighter, more stable futures. Forty participants have graduated from four sessions. read more

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Coaching the resi game

the real deal  |  October 16, 2017

In perhaps the best example of a hands-on boss, Pardee provides coaching to her own employees at the brokerage, people she refers to as “life changers.”

“I coach in a more spiritual way,” she explained. “I teach them to truly get into themselves and be happy with themselves, because if they’re happy and connected to themselves, that’s going to come across to the client, and then the client is going to want to be with them and work with them.” read more



The Importance of Serving Others and Customer Relationships with LA’s Number 1 Real Estate Agent Tami Pardee

for the love of money  |  Episode 48

Today’s episode is a modern-day Cinderella story…except there’s no fairy godmother or prince in it. Real-estate rock star, Tami Pardee, learned to work hard at a young age and she’s been working ever since. Having been raised poor and later brought into wealth, she was taught early on the value of money and the importance of hard work and getting things done.   This minivan-driving mom of four uses this same work ethic and drive to dominate L.A.’s residential real estate market today. Listen in to find out how she balances this massively successful business with a family and why she feels called to give back by helping others find or reignite their purpose. read more


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feature: it's all about the people

lore: lives of real estate  |  Fall 2017

Another thing Pardee makes time for is her Life-Changer Program, which offers active participation and significant financial contributions to local charities, including Teen Project, Harvest Home, Homeless Task Force, Venice Community Housing Corporation, and more.

“This is something I was born to do,” she says. Her personal mission statement is “to be a down-to-earth, life-change warrior who inspires hope, courage and purpose by motivating those I touch to show up and start on the life they love.” So she carried that through to a philanthropic level. “I live in Venice, California, where there is a lot of homelessness. I gave away a lot of money to help solve the problem, but didn’t feel like I was changing lives,” she says. read more